10 most wonderful things to purchase with Bitcoin

21 February 2017

For a long time Bitcoin owners have wondered whether they can purchase anything for the cryptocurrency coins they own, and now they are finally in their Elysium of abundant merchandise. Online environment is currently full of Bitcoin only retailers that offer consumers numerous items and services, such as luxurious accommodations, rare collectibles or even a ticket to the spaceship, thus, there is a list of most wonderful things the users can buy without having to exchange their digital coins.

A flight into space

Travelling to the outer space is a rare experience which is challenging to get for those who are fascinated by the beauty of the unknown. Therefore Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic Company that specializes in unusual journeys, decided to give the consumers an exceptional opportunity to see how the blue planet looks from thousands of miles above while trying to make the new horizons more accessible and to improve the life on Earth by researching the space.

Now Bitcoin holders can get a chance to join the future passengers of SpaceShip II and the price of a roundtrip is approximately 340 BTC. The spacecraft is winged, which makes travelling through space more comfortable and enjoyable. The vehicle is designed to carry 6 passengers and a small crew, making the participation exclusive. Additionally, all the participants will officially become astronauts; therefore it’s a great way to get a title along with new impressions.

wonderful things


Dunvegan  Space Systems are planning to launch a unique nano-satellite, BitSat, in the nearest future, which, in turn, will provide the wealthy consumers with an opportunity to process data and broadcast information from outer space. The product is equipped with a strong security and control systems, data storage and a solar panel power system, and has a variety of settings for a number of personal and business purposes.

Additionally, BitSat is available for Bitcoin operations with a capacity to maintain a complete blockchain, providing a consistent connection with an earthly network by an independent confirmation of each bitcoin block. The price of a private satellite is nearly 950 BTC per unit, or 18.050 for the 24-unit constellation; nevertheless spacecraft, a five-year maintenance and all further operations are included. Who wouldn’t agree to control a terrestrial business from outer space?

Robo 3D printer

The technologies of the future keep developing rapidly, and now there is an opportunity to obtain a smart Robo 3D printer for consumers in the United States, using the saved BTC. Prices vary from US $700 to $1.500, free shipping included. The brand new model has a capability to print two items at once, and consumers are able to create anything they can imagine using a digital device, after uploading a special app.

To create a variety of models at a high speed, company offers over 30 different materials with a compact print size: 8 inches in diameter, and technical support is included. All models are equipped with Wi-Fi, an automatic self-adjustment system and a removable print bed. The machines are useful for the customers who have a passion to create a lot of complicated features, and get a result as soon as possible, which makes it a fascinating purchase or gift.

University degree

Educational institutions acknowledge the need for alternative ways of paying tuitions, and the innovators are heaving in sight. The University of Nicosia, the most popular university in Cyprus that offers academic courses in English, is the first explorer to accept bitcoin. Furthermore, the institution has launched a free online course which is intended to present cryptocurrencies, their technical characteristics and history.

Moreover, the Alma Mater has invented a Masters of Science degree in Digital Currency, that can be obtained online or on school grounds, and addressed to young developers, business representatives, accountants, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in the expansion of the growing market. To get a new-wave education the future students need to pay tuition fee at the rate of approximately 23 BTC (US $16,250), a fair price for getting acquainted with likeminded specialists during the learning process.


For fans of underwater world, there is a luxury submersible that has a capability to dive 300 meters deep with up to 3 passengers. The mini-submarine has an exceptional design and a relatively small height, which allows it to be placed at any superyacht with the use of special equipment. In addition, the underwater craft is geared up with 6 effective thrusters to cope with the tides along with an air conditioning system and effortless embarkation.

The side-hatch makes the core of the submersible easily accessible for necessary checkups while staying on board, and the lithium-ion battery system allows owners to travel for 12 hours. Should unexpected complications occur, the safety components will ensure passengers’ protection, including 4 days of life support. The submarine costs 2,046.325 BTC and might diversify the lives of millionaires, who long for new impressions.

Tri-Deck Mega Yacht

Once prosperous customers have a hold of the submersible, they might be willing to purchase a yacht, and that can also be done with Bitcoin, for the price reduced by US $ 5 million, and it is still negotiable. The average cost of a yacht is US $20 million, and here a consumer has a chance to obtain a new watercraft for US $ 6,300,000 million, or 5,710 BTC. The length of the boat is 120’, and it’s currently located in California, USA.

The Mega Yacht features 8 spacious staterooms, a captain’s stateroom, a sky lounge, 2 bridge decks, an engineer cabin, a salon and a dining room. The fuel capacity is 5,000 gallons, and the water capacity is 650 gallons, which is great for long journeys. Taking into consideration the number of VIP rooms, the mega yacht can serve as a luxurious water house for a big family, or as a cost-effective investment with prospects for future rent.

Precious metals

According to the latest data, Bitcoin is often called the modern gold, and now consumers have an opportunity to acquire some precious metals for it, as there is a Canadian company that accepts the cryptocurrency. Veldt Gold launched in 2012, has been focused on providing tech lovers with expensive rarities in exchange for the digital coins. Most of the transactions are processed online, however, phone orders are also possible should consumers prefer that option.

Additionally, the company offers free shipping for purchasing gold and silver ingots, while displaying rare collectibles. For instance, 100 gram Pamp Suisse Gold Bar is retailing at approximately 6 BTC, and 10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar is only 0.27BTC. Veldt Gold doesn’t require a registration for the sellers and makes trading cost-effective for all parties involved. Purchasing precious metals is a great way of keeping funds and exchanging them back for coins, if there is such a necessity.

Macintosh 128K

For the collectors of rare electronics there is the first Macintosh 128K, widely known as the Apple Macintosh, presented by Steve Jobs, who changed the world of technology in 1984. Within 5 months from its presentation 70,000 items had been sold for US $2,495 each, until the next model was released. The legendary personal computer has a 23 cm monochrome screen, a keyboard, a mouse and a special handle on top for an easy transportation.

The original model is equipped with a 68000 microprocessor, a 128KB RAM built-in memory, and an extra 64 KB ROM chip. Back in 1984 the new interface caught the interests of consumers, who had not been fascinated by computers before. Now it is available for purchasing with the cost of 5.833 BTC in Spain, but can be shipped worldwide for the extra cash. The value of the first creation of Apple grows in proportion to its popularity.

Thailand luxury villas

Bitcoin sector has grown in many areas, including the real estate, which encouraged the development of property listings with a variety of houses and apartments included. For example, customers favoring recreation in the sun, while keeping up with new technologies, will fully appreciate Thailand luxury villas in the rapidly developing city of Chaing Mai. All villas are smart homes that let the owners to get a full access to the main technical functions with the use of a remote control.

For the price of 1245 BTC consumers can obtain an eco-friendly house with solar roof panels, water heaters, and a rainwater catchment tank. The villa is earthquake resistant, and supplied with a panic room and a nuclear fallout shelter, while high security level ensures the protection of inhabitants using the CCTV security system. Such houses can be used as a holiday homes, or as business investments, since the location is popular among tourists.

Thailand luxury villas

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM

Users looking for a profitable venture, can opt for Bitcoin ATMs, considering the fact the machines bring their owners thousands of dollars a year. The first Lamassu Bitcoin ATM was created in 2013 and used to function as a vending machine only. Nevertheless, by the middle of 2014 it was improved with the addition of a floor cash dispending stand, Santo Tirso. The machine has an ability to support every existing currency with preliminary settings, however, only one at a time.

Consumers can purchase the unit for 9.158 BTC, with shipping services or courier arrangements. Yet, before launching the ATM, the owners should study the list of Bitcoin ATM regulations, that depend on the location, or contact a lawyer. But the cost of the machines is usually covered within the first three months of use, making generous return on the investment. Thus, if customers wish to multiply their Bitcoins, obtaining an ATM is a smart way to start.

Bitcoin keeps spreading worldwide, giving the retailers and business owners an opportunity to keep abreast of the digital payments and innovations. Furthermore, the educational system is changing to create new specialists in the field of cruptocurrencies and to start recognizing the need to increase the variety of deposits. In addition, Bitcoin sattelites in space lead the experts to the conclusion that the digital currency has a bright future ahead.

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