10 payment aggregators offering access to accounts right at your home

12 April 2017

There are many competitive digital payment systems and their number keeps increasing: some are popular worldwide, while others are satisfied with success in their own countries. To stand out they offer consumers and merchants to start accepting and sending payments from the comfort of their homes, instead of standing in long lines, and their business propositioins are tempting so every client can choose the most convenient option on the list.

Amazon payments

Amazon paymentsLaunched over a decade ago, Amazon payments have been upgrading their solutions for convenience of their clients, and now their main product is Login and Pay with Amazon, which promises to be more convenient than its predecessors. The service is most suitable for consumers who prefer short-term contracts with a possibility of monthly renewal and the lack of termination fees should clients opt for another transfer system. Login and Pay with Amazon can be integrated with other platforms, but the number is still quite insignificant in comparison to other digital alternatives.

To register an account and start accepting transfers merchants would need to share their names, business websites and email addresses that will be used as logins in the future. The security is provided by several factors, including Marketplace Web Service key, using which business owners can obtain their merchant ID and a secret key that are displayed on congratulatory page after successful signup. However, these options are only available in the US, Germany and France, and other countries would need to search for a different provider.


StripeStripe is a digital transfer solution for businesses and it helps the owners to quickly accept payments by the registration of a payment gateway. Moreover, the platform is available in 25 countries, including France, Germany and the US, which widens the prospects for growth, and it is especially convenient for integration with online shops. It offers several business plans: regular, plus, deluxe and super that depend on number of items and merchant goals.

The clients can create their free account with just an email and a password right away, or they can learn more about the features first, and then save the data to proceed the activation process. To confirm personal information users will have to provide their business addresses and tax IDs, and after the process is finished, consumers can start testing how their shop works and check everything, including credit card processing and postal code formats without monthly or hidden fees.


Allpay.netOne of the most suitable ways of transferring funds in the UK is Allpay.net, since it has a good reputation among respectable clients and suitable for general use. The platform is also available in some European countries, such as Germany and Belgium and offers a great number of products, including text and phone direct payments, prepaid cards, and a mobile payment app along with cashless systems. The company has been on the market since 1994, and daily payments are its specialty.

To sign up for an account customers need to give their full names and phone numbers, and while the fees are reasonable and fraud protection is strong, there are some concerns. It takes a long time to try and get full information about registration, which is only available after clients make a decision to use company services and that, in turn, may be a problem for some users, since they will have to contact customer services to resolve such an issue. The most convenient way of transferring funds is by using the app, and all the personal data needs to be validated and confirmed by PIN every time consumers use it to ensure protection.


WorldcoreAs a worldwide digital payment solution, Worldcore provides individuals and business owners with a variety of options for safe transactions, since the company generates a safety code, which can be confirmed by a message or an e-mail. The platform also offers consumers a prepaid debit card, which can be quickly obtained and used for any personal or commercial purposes and allows customers to withdraw up to €4,000 per day or €120,000 per month with cash machines.

To receive personal payment details the users need to apply for an instant digital transfer account on the company’s website, and complete an authorization process that requires sending an electronic copy of a passport or an identification card with an address. The platform guarantees the confirmation on the day of registration and provides security and technical support around the clock. After setting up an account, the clients can start uploading funds, using plastic cards or other transfers and there are no fees for internal payments.


NochexNochex may also be useful for UK residents, since it is suitable for both business and individual purposes and its clients can both receive and transfer funds. Therefore, to choose right services users will have to keep their aspirations in mind, for there are three possibilities: seller (UK only), merchant (available for international transactions) or personal account (with restrictions for both sending and receiving funds). Moreover, trader’s account is attainable for a number of European countries, the US and Canada.

As for the sellers account, it is only valid for UK residents, which may become an inconvenience for other countries. The diversity along with low fees can be called the advantages of the system, and so is a private consultant for every new record. For registration, the users need to share their names, telephone numbers, email addresses, website URLs and birth dates. The process of approval usually takes up to three business days and the customer support is free for all services, and 3D secure helps protecting transfer data.


PaymatePaymate is the most convenient solution for Australians suitable for the residents of New Zealand as well and, while the platform is local, it is still trustworthy and steady. The digital system works better for receiving payments, since this option is available for over 35 countries and the customers may pay for items anonymously, which saves their time. It is also a good fit for auction platforms and it offers basic and advanced payment services, which were created to transfer funds by email.

Since the company has a goal to provide safe transactions, a bank account number along with an Australian passport or ID and current address are required for online registration. Moreover, the clients should give their Australian business number along with the working website that helps to confirm the items, nevertheless a Facebook page is enough. Once the company gets all necessary data, the confirmation process may start and it may take 1 or 2 business days. Since the system is connected to Australian banks, it guarantees security of mobile payments and refunds if some complications occur.


VenmoVenmo is a p2p payment solution, that allows consumers to set up an account using their Facebook information and it is one of the best digital transfer platforms for personal transactions, especially when it comes to family and friends. The funds can be transferred directly from the created accounts or with plastic cards, and in the US users may get money even with just a phone number or an email address. However, the recipients will have to register on Venmo to withdraw the money, which is simple.

Despite of an easy setup process, which only requires a Facebook page, users may strengthen the protection by attaching a PIN code for every transaction that will stop anyone from getting access to their funds. Another advantage of using the social media is the ability to find friends automatically with both profiles and address book contacts. And while most of Venmo services are free, the platform is not suitable for business purposes; nevertheless it is great for collecting money when it comes to special family occasions.


PayoneerMost suitable for international transactions, Payoneer gives their users a prepaid MasterCard that can be sent right to their addresses; therefore they don’t need to leave the house to get started. The system is popular worldwide due to a convenient way of sending huge number of payments at once. While it is good for many transaction types and personal purposes, it is the most appropriate choice for online shop owners and self-employed clients from different countries.

To sign up for an account, consumers need to type in their email addresses, full names and birth dates, which goes for both existing credit card transfers and a new prepaid MasterCard, and although the registration is free, users will have to pay for new plastic card services. There are no fees for receiving payments from EU, the US or the UK; nevertheless there is a $3 charge for each fund withdrawal in the US, however, should the clients opt for €, it is free.


PayzaPayza is a digital transfer aggregator, previously known as AlertPay, with primary place of business in London and a few offices in other countries. The platform supports a number of currencies, including Bitcoin as well as payments using credit cards and bank accounts. It also provides its users with a month-to-month agreement that may be terminated anytime. The company’s customer support is available on their website support page for current users.

To register a business account customers need to give their full name, business structure, an email, and select the country they reside in. As for personal purposes, only an electronic address and a name are required. Merchants can manage their business or sell it, and collect payments while controlling them through instant notifications. The signup process can be finished by an e-mail confirmation, and the clients are recommended to use a stronger password for extra protection.

CC Avenue

CC AvenueCC Avenue is an Indian leader of national payment solutions, since over 80% of business owners use their services and its clients are given a wide range of options when it comes to money transfers, such as real-time payment collection, iframe Integration and Phone Pay. It also supports processing of 27 national currencies, the most popular Indian and 10 international languages. The platform also offers personalized store fronts for merchant convenience along with a shopping cart

Since the company is huge, it requires full name, city, address, zip code, business description and a website along with personal contacts for a business account confirmation, which takes one or two business days, depending on the time of registration. The price of transactions is mostly 2%, and all integration tools are free for both startup and privilege plans, which are quite competitive for Indian businesses and the owners, who want to give their customers the maximum amount of options.

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