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Claims and Complaints Policy

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The person responsible for handling complaints and claims is the Company's Managing Director.

Complaints or claims when providing payment services to clients in the Company are understood any unfavourable experience that Client has with the payment system.

The Company introduces a procedure for dealing with complaints, which is approved by the Company's management. These procedures will be regularly updated. Procedures for handling complaints are an integral part of the Company's internal regulations and are available to all internal employees in an enterprise that have a direct or indirect relationship with an operating activity.

The company will ensure that the principle of fair treatment of clients is respected, that are fairly investigated and that possible conflicts of interest are identified and mitigated.

The Company will ensure that all complaints and claims by Clients are differentiated according to the following criteria:

1. Complaints and claims that have been resolved to the satisfaction of the Client within specified deadlines.

2. Complaints and claims that have been resolved within specified deadlines, but the Client's claims were inconsistent with the Company's applicable laws or Business Terms.

3. Complaints and claims that are in the process of resolution and require a comprehensive assessment by the Company's CEO and Compliance Manager, require further notification to supervisory and control authorities.

4. Complaints and claims that have not been resolved despite efforts by the Company.

The Company maintains the appropriate lists of complaints and claims received and provides information to the Ombudsman. This data includes the number of received complaints and claims and other details regarding complaints and claims.

In the course of its business, the Company continuously analyses the process and complaints and claims handling system to ensure the identification and resolution of any recurrent or systemic problems and possible legal and operational risks.

The Compliance Manager of the Company will analyze the reasons for the individual complaints in order to identify the main causes common to the individual types of complaints.

The Compliance Manager will also take action to prevent recurring complaints and claims from Clients.

Compliance Manager of the Company will prepare an interim report listing the types and reasons for complaints and claims and will submit this report to the Company's Managing Director for a thorough discussion and improvement of internal processes.

The Company shall ensure that Clients, competent authorities or third parties have access to the Company's claim line, including details of complaints and claims handling.

Additionally, the Company follows the following principles when handling complaints and claims:

The Company guarantees to all clients the right to receive a response to the complaint and to bring the unpleasant situation to an acceptable state and refund in the case of technical barriers. The client has the right to cancel the transaction if the amount has already been deducted from the client's account and has the right to request the refund of their money.

These refund and cancellation terms (claims) relate exclusively to transaction fees and client funds. They do not apply to the refund of funds for the purchase of provided services that have already been delivered and the funds have already been transferred from the client's account to the account of another user of the service in the payment system.

The Company undertakes to provide the best possible support to the client in the event of any complaints or disputes related to the return of funds for defective services provided by the Company. The Company is not responsible for the poor quality of services or delivered goods from a business partner with whom the Client concludes a contract without the Company's participation.

The client who paid for the services of the Company, meaning has paid a transaction fee or has increased its account status, may request a refund or cancellation of the transaction only if he / she meets the refund conditions set out below.

Refund or cancellation of a transaction is considered eligible only if the customer meets all the conditions. If a client does not meet any of the criteria, the Company has the right at its discretion to reject the customer's request for a refund or cancellation of the transaction.

In order for a customer to request a refund or a cancellation of a transaction, he / she must file an application and fill out the money-back or cancellation form (Annex 4 of the Internal Policy) and send it to Customer Support. The same effect is to send the form via e-mail or fill out the form for complaints and claims on the Company's website.

Any payments and information related to the refund or cancellation of the transaction will be verified by the Company's employees (Compliance department). In this case, the Company is entitled to require the customer to provide certain documentation, including, but not limited to, personal documents or any other evidence that the payment in question was made. If the Customer does not provide the relevant documentation or information within three (3) days of receipt of the application by the Company or in case of any doubt as to the authenticity of the documents provided, the Company has the right not to accept a request for a refund or cancellation of the transaction.

The company must process the money-back form or cancellation of the transaction delivered by the customer at the earliest possible date but taking into account working days. The response time varies depending on the reasons given in the request. In any case, the Company must inform the customer of the outcome of his complaint or claim.

A request for a refund or cancellation of a transaction will be approved or rejected after proper verification by the Company's employees. Submission of a refund request form or cancellation of a transaction does not guarantee that the customer's request will be satisfied.

A bad payment or transaction complaint must be submitted to the Company on a completed claim form or a cancellation request.

A completed refund or a cancellation of a transaction request form must be sent to the Company, specifying the subject "Request for Refund / Cancellation of Transaction" in the subject of the report.

If the Company requests additional information (if required), it will contact the customer within fifteen (15) business days of requesting a refund or cancelling the transaction.

The Customer must provide such information as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) days from receipt of such a request. The company is required to notify the customer of the final decision to return money or cancel the transaction via e-mail.

Refund or cancellation of the transaction will take place within twenty (20) business days from the date of notification of the Company's decision to the customer.

Customer is not entitled to a refund or cancellation in the following cases:

The Company expects the customer to contact them through Company contact forms in the event of any problems or issues related to its payments before the customer requests a post payment. This provision does not affect the rights or complaints that customers may have against their bank or financial institution

The company will investigate any customer post pay requests and at the same time inform the customer bank of the possible cancellation of any service or transaction.

The Company reserves the right to suspend the client's account and block its funds during the postpaid investigation.

Any fees that arise during the refund or cancellation of the transaction will be settled by the customer. These charges will be deducted from the final amount of the refunded or cancelled transaction.

The Company reserves the right to change or replenish the conditions for refunding or claiming a payment to the customer.

If the customer does not want to accept the modified terms of refund and cancellation of the transaction, he cannot continue to use the Company's services. If he/she uses the service after the date has expired, when the changes to these terms become effective, the use of the services is subject to new terms of refund and cancellation of the transaction.