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Affiliate program

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Affiliate with the world!

Your business is your team – this is fundamental to the Worldcore ethos. To build a global corporation, you need global partners to spread your ideas and grow your bottom line. You need a modern trusted financial partner.

This is why we have introduced the Worldcore Affiliate Program: to invest in the success of our partners through generous recompense for the efforts of experts in the marketing and media industries, as well as enterprising, influential advisors and individuals.

For individuals

Everyone has an audience, whether it be in a forum, social network, or just a personal blog, your presence may influence hundreds, even thousands of observers. Encouraging your subscribers to try out Worldcore is the best way to cash in on your success. Getting started is easier than you think. To participate in the Worldcore Affiliate Program, become a verified Worldcore client and apply for the program. A few clicks are all you need to begin promoting Worldcore payment provider to your followers. Your reward from us comes as part of revenue sharing, or as a fixed reward for posting collateral, reposting in your social networks, and for other agreed advertising activities. To participate in our affiliate program you just need to become a verified client of the system and to apply for participation.

For companies

In the modern world of e-commerce, clients of legal experts and consultants increasingly ask, “Who is the most trustworthy, reliable financial institution? Who can help us to get access to secure cost-effective and up-to-date payment solutions?” As a trusted advisor to your clients, you can now confidently recommend Worldcore, the world’s premier payment service provider. A EU-licensed payments institution, our exceptionally low fees, same-day account approval, and best-in-class security mean that your word is your bond, and the team at Worldcore takes that commitment seriously. As direct benefit to you, the Worldcore Affiliate Program will make your trusted recommendations profitable. The Worldcore Affiliate Program allows you to earn either an interest in the revenue from customer transactions or a fixed reward for subscribing a client directly using the “Enroll Client” tool.

Your activity, your affiliate interest!

We offer individualized rewards to Worldcore Affiliate Program members.

open an account and join the program

Revenue share - How it works

Assume you have posted a trackable affiliate link to Worldcore in your blog or uploaded a commercial with your own feedback on the benefits of using Worldcore. For those who followed your link and started using Worldcore’s outstanding service, you will automatically earn 15% of Worldcore’s generated fees. The investment in time spent promoting Worldcore pays handsomely. Bring enduring clientele to Worldcore, and you have an equally enduring revenue stream. There is no better way to make money as you sleep.

Enroll clients - How it works

Introducers may save clients the hassle of completing an online application form by enrolling them with Worldcore as your value-added service to them. Simply create an account for them by using the Enroll Client tool, entering their registration data for verification. Our secure automated system will send an email to your clients with their account access credentials. Financial advisors, law firms, and consultants stand to profit from the Worldcore Affiliate Program. In addition to a fixed reward for every signed client, these trusted advisors will benefit as a lifetime member in the Revenue Share Program, earning an interest on the fees paid by your clients to Worldcore platform.

Worldcore Affiliate Program

how much could i earn?

Reward rates may range from several cents to hundreds of euros.

15% of service revenue for individual clients referred and

20% of service revenue for corporate accounts.
Special rates may be arranged with high-volume affiliates.

Apply for affiliate program

Get paid per action

Get the word out about the Worldcore payment provider system! Use your affiliate link when contributing ideas on website or blog, posting a message in forums, reposting information to social networks, or when sharing video commercials.

Your actions, your income

Are you an innovative marketer? At Worldcore, we value your fresh ideas. Describe your promotional idea in the “Get per action” section of the Affiliate dashboard and await our reply. Your groundbreaking ideas could be rewarded in spades.

Promo stuff

Let us help you. Worldcore’s brilliant team will provide you with the tools you need to bring your marketing ideas to life.


Money earned from the Worldcore Affiliate Program is automatically deposited into your Affiliate Balance. Earnings withdrawal to bank account may be requested anytime. Min. bank transfer amount is 100€.