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Worldcore is announcing one more service for corporate payments. Since today, every corporate client of Worldcore has an option to send batch payments to bank accounts, Worldcore prepaid debit cards and Visa/MasterCard credit & debit cards by uploading a single .csv or .xls batch file with payments.... Get details


First Global Press-Release has been published on PRNewsWire: Discover Innovative Global Financial Services http://prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/discover-innovative-global-financial-services-from-swifthub-510118931.html... Get details


Worldcore payment provider developers team has just completed EUR debit cards integration. The daily ATM withdrawal limit of Swifthub debit card is 1,500 EUR for EUR cards and 2,000 USD for USD cards. The GBP debit cards will be also available in one of upcoming updates.... Get details


Worldcore has completed personal concierge service integration. This option makes our customer service even more available. Since this week, any active client or visitor of Worldcore website has an option to chat with customer service in real-time. High-volume corporate clients are provided with two... Get details


Our team is currently working on API development. This will let our clients automate incoming and outgoing payments processing from/to all supported directions. API will also include credit card processing for merchants and much more.... Get details


Worldcore is announcing new payment option - money transfers to any Visa/MasterCard in any country issued by any bank. This option may be used for payments to third parties and for own funds withdrawals. Transfer fee is just 0.75% + 7 USD. Daily limit is 2,500 USD for payments in US Dollars and 1,80... Get details


Worldcore started providing prepaid Visa debit cards for its clients. Unlimited number of prepaid debit cards may be issued for any Worldcore account. This is the most convenient and cost-effective option to withdraw funds from Worldcore account balance.... Get details


Our payment platform is finally live. Since today, wide range of our financial services is available for individuals and businesses.... Get details