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Interview with CEO of Worldcore has been published on The Paypers. http://www.thepaypers.com/interviews/alexey-nasonov-worldcore-we-are-setting-up-the-new-standards-for-successfull-fintech-companies-in-the-cee-region-/762690-38 Get details


Worldcore announces prepaid Ultimate Card with industry-leading ATM limit of 4,000 Eur per day and 120,000 Eur per month. Worldcore Ultimate MasterCard can be funded with just a few clicks from Worldcore payment account or by wire transfer. The card can be used for cash withdrawals in millions of AT... Get details


Dear clients! Worldcore money wiring service has just completed integration of AUD currency which is now available for wire transfers. Worldcore cardholder mobile apps for iOS and Android and more cost-effective global payment services will be presented before the end of December. Get details


Dear clients! Worldcore global payment service provider is now supporting payments in Danish Krone for top-ups, withdrawal and internal money transfer to another Worldcore account holder. Get details


Dear Clients! We are pleased to inform that Swedish Krona (SEK) has been integrated into Worldcore payment platform. There will be added at least 5 currencies more this month and this will surely let Worldcore cover more markets in the industry of global payment services. Get details


Dear clients! Worldcore payment provider has completed integration of Hungarian Forint (HUF) . This is already 8th currency support by our payment platform. Now every client can load your Worldcore payment account with HUF wire transfers and make HUF transactions. Get details


Dear clients! Today we have issued global press-release. Press-release is available here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/worldcore-payment-service-rebranding-business-expansion-and-recent-updates-535072981.html Get details


Dear clients! Worldcore started supporting NOK (Norwegian Krone) currency which is already 7th currency support by our payment service. Get details


Dear Clients! We are happy to inform that Worldcore fees for outgoing wire transfers have been updated. Maximum fees for wire transfer withdrawals were reduced by 50% and for some currencies even more. This will make our service even more attractive for payouts. More funding options to load your Wor... Get details