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BlackPR campaign against Worldcore


Dear clients!

We sincerely apologize for long-term pause in our bank transfer services. As of now, all bank transactions resumed and available for use.

There were 2 reasons for long-term inaccesibility to bank transactions:

1. As you know, Worldcore's main bank account was set up with Rietumu bank which faced serious problems with French government due to lawsuit for involvement into money laundering. The bank lost correspondent accounts and is close to closure now. We did our best to withdraw client's assets from Rietumu bank account to resume operations and switch to another financial institution. It took longer than we expected but this mission was successfully completed by our experienced legal department.

2. Worldcore became a victim of BlackPR attack initiated by criminals from Ukraine, the owners of world-famous investment fraud - Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management financial pyramids. The criminals spend large amounts of stolen investors' funds to protect themselves and turn attention to totally unrelated individuals and companies including Worldcore. We launched http://worldcore-review.com informational resource to highlight the details of this attack and provide true information to audience, our active and potential customers. Please feel free to take a look on the articles on this website to have the correct view on this situation.

We continue working on new products to keep our customers satisfied.
BlackPR campaign against Worldcore
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