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Worldcore announces ICO


Worldcore is happy to announce it’s Initial Coin Offering campaign. The ICO is one of the major events in Worldcore’s history, it’s mission is to accelerate corporate growth, blockchain integration and launch of new FinTech products under Worldcore brand. Please review our whitepaper and prospectus to explore full details about ICO and feel free to learn more about Worldcore's ICO at https://worldcore.com

Official Worldcore's ICO video presentation on Youtube:

Presale of Worldcore tokens starts on October 2, 2017 and will be available for purchase of 500,000 tokens and more ($50,000+ purchase). Crowdsale with a minimum purchase of 100 tokens ($10) starts on October 14.

Please feel free to contact dedicated ICO support team with your inquiries and offers at ico@worldcore.com
Worldcore announces ICO
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