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Vienna conference & Upcoming updates


Worldcore's head of marketing Sean Patterson will be speaking on "Excellence in Digital Finance" conference which will take place in Lindner Hotel am Belvedere, November 24th-25th, Vienna, Austria.

Worldcore is a partner of the conference as well as Raiffeissen Bank, Western Union, Sberbank and other worldwide-known leaders of banking and financial services sector from Europe.

Participants will explore current trends and future of fintech industry. The ones who wish to visit this conference and meet Worldcore team personally may check out event summary and buy tickets here:


It will be a true pleasure for us to personally meet our loyal clients, potential partners, bankers and journalists and we do our best to satisfy everyone's payment needs.

November will be full of updates most of which will be released by this event including full translation of Worldcore platform to a few more languages, facial recognition access, instant international mobile phone refill option which is available for over 150 countries, new options to load Worldcore account with funds and some usability improvements.
Vienna conference & Upcoming updates
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