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Home pageNews Merry Christmas and happy new year 2016!

Worldcore management team wishes everyone
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2015 was a year of development and switching to a new level of payment
business for Worldcore. We passed a long way to get Worldcore
established and satisfy clients needs.

We’d like to inform everyone about main Worldcore team
achievements of 2015:

  • We established fully-compliant EU-regulated complete bank account
    alternative solution for SWIFT/SEPA transfers.
  • We have started offering Worldcore Ultimate Card with daily ATM
    withdrawal limit of 4,000 Euros and monthly limit of 120,000 Euros that
    is a complete leader in the industry of prepaid debit cards.
  • We started providing easy access to money transfers to Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay
    cards issued by any bank of almost any country.
  • Worldcore API for single/mass payouts and accepting payments on
    websites was launched.
  • Over 10 additional currencies were integrated to send and receive
    multi-currency wire transfers.
  • Over 10 locations for bank transfers are available.
  • Worldcore is the first EU-regulated payment institution that will present
    Voice Biometrics authentication before 2016. It's a completely new and
    unbeatable level of account protection and security that lets access your
    accountwith Voice Print.
  • Mobile Apps for cardholders presented.

Some of new upcoming features listed above require PCI DSS certificate so we are happy to inform that certification is already in progress.

Worldcore team sincerely wishes you to enjoy holidays.
Stay tuned for new updates.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Worldcore management team

We appreciate that Worldcore was chosen as your payment service provider
and this is a true pleasure for us to manage your payments.

And we keep moving forward to cover more markets and industries so I
wish to share some of our plans for 2016 as well:

  • Worldcore Mobile Apps full of fintech innovations will be presented to
    cover mobile payments and contactless payments markets.
  • Virtual debit cards.
  • Presence in at least 3 more EU countries.
  • Over 10 new options for account top-up and withdrawal.
  • Multi-currency credit/debit card processing services.
  • Over 20 new locations for cost-effective local and international bank
  • Over 5 new B2B payment services.
  • Additional top-level security options.
  • Cash money transfers.
Worldcore platform will be PCI
DSS Level 1 compliant by March
Worldcore production team
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