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Batch payments available!


Worldcore is announcing one more service for corporate payments. Since today, every corporate client of Worldcore has an option to send batch payments to bank accounts, Worldcore prepaid debit cards and Visa/MasterCard credit & debit cards by uploading a single .csv or .xls batch file with payments. Worldcore mass payments option is easy to use and doesn't require any specific skills. Just click "Make mass payments" in the form where you usually submit a single payment to any direction, download sample batch file and setup your system to compile batch payments into a file according to provided sample.
This update makes Worldcore offshore payment account even more attractive turn-key solution for global payments. Our development team is on the final step of testing API for corporate payments and merchant interface for e-commerce that will be announced next week. These updates will surely turn Worldcore into hi-end global payment gateway
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