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Worldcore team is happy to inform that we have opened new Worldcore debit card pre-order form. At the moment we need to estimate the number of cards for the initial order with manufacturer. We will collect the data till December, 10. After that, the order will be sent to manufacturer. Estimated date... Get details


Since today, Worldcore payment platform has one more great and competitive product in its portfolio - USDT wallet the the lowest commission for transactions of less than $2.50 USD. Development team is now finalizing integration of Bitcoin Cash wallets. Moreover, we are in the process of new plastic ... Get details


Dear customers! We are happy to inform that Ripple cryptocurrency has been integrated into Worldcore payment platform. Since now, every Worldcore customer may send, receive and hold almost 10 FIAT currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, DASH and Ripple. Our team is currently focused on develop... Get details


Dear clients! We sincerely apologize for long-term pause in our bank transfer services. As of now, all bank transactions resumed and available for use. There were 2 reasons for long-term inaccesibility to bank transactions: 1. As you know, Worldcore's main bank account was set up with Rietumu bank w... Get details


Dear clients! We are happy to inform that we have updated both mobile applications for iOS and Android. Now you may enjoy using the apps as wallets for Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. There is also analytics and charts options in the apps. We are planning to integrate e-mail, SMS and Telegram alerts so... Get details


Dear customers! Since today, you may also use Worldcore account as wallet for DASH cryptocurrency. We are also working on integration of Ripple and Monero into Worldcore platform. It's going to be announced by July. Get details


Dear clients! Worldcore mobile development team has updated the iOS mobile application. The new version is compatible with iPhone X. At the moment mobile developers are working on wallets for Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, this update will be released in the first week of May, 2018. Get details


Dear clients! We are happy to announce the launch of our new payment product - wallet for all Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens. At the moment this is the industry-first and only PCI DSS compliant wallet for tokens. We do our best to improve Worldcore platform and complete development of bright updates t... Get details


Dear clients! We are happy to inform that Worldcore mobile development team have just released the cutting-edge mobile app of Worldcore for Android. The app is already available for download on PlayMarket here. Developers are also working on additional features for both Android and iOS mobile apps t... Get details


Worldcore team is happy to inform that Ethereum wallets are now integrated into Worldcore platform. We are currently working on development wallets for ERC20 Ethereum tokens for our clients. Once it's done, Worldcore will become the industry-first PCI DSS compliance storage for the widest range of b... Get details