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Video guide: how to send a bank wire transfer from Worldcore account?

Managing funds with Worldcore, you have variety of options for outgoing payments with worldwide coverage.


To initiate outgoing payment you are required to select the account that will be used for the payment, the amount of transfer and bank instructions of the recipient of your payment. Please pay attention to the fees, there are 3 options to choose from. The transfer fee may be fully paid by the sender, by the recipient or it may be shared between sender or recipient as well. There are also 2 options of urgency of your payment - Ordinary and Express. Ordinary bank to bank money transfer usually hits the recipient bank account within 2-3 working days depending on location of recipient’s bank. Express electronic wire transfer submitted before 10.00 AM GMT usually hit the recipient’s bank account the same day.

bank to bank money transfer

Transfer to account in any of supported e-currencies

Funds transfer to account in any of e-currencies supported by Worldcore is very easy, quick and even instant in most of directions. Just select the account that will be charged for the payment, the amount and account number of the recipient. Payments for some directions may be delayed for up to 24 hours because of required review. Full list of supported electronic currencies is available in "Load account" section of Worldcore account area.

Money Transfer to any Visa / Mastercard / UnionPay debit or credit card

Worldcore payment service offers an option to load any Visa / Mastercard / UnionPay credit or debit card in any country. This is ideal solution for mass-payments of medium amounts because of low transfer fees.

Limits: 2,500 USD or 1,800 EUR daily, 15,000 USD or 12,000 EUR monthly.

Video guide: how to top-up any Visa\Mastercard\UnionPay worldwide?


Your Worldcore account balance can be easily converted into cash at millions of ATMs worldwide. Just apply for Worldcore debit card and once you have it delivered and activated you need to visit «Debit cards» section of the account area to load your card by moving funds from your current Worldcore USD account. Card funding requests are processed twice a day so you will get access to your money within a timeframe from a few minutes to a few hours. Worldcore prepaid debit cards may be issued with just a few clicks in «Debit cards» section of your account. Debit card is delivered through ordinary post and delivery may take up to 15 days. Read more in «Debit cards» section…

Video guide: how to load Worldcore prepaid debit card?

bank to bank money transfer

Internal money transfer to another account

This is the most simple and affordable operation as only seven-digit account number is required for sending payment within Worldcore, in this case mistakes in the account number are not possible. The internal money transfer is free for both sender and recipient of the payment. Just select an account that will be charged for this payment, indicate the amount and the recipient's account number and in a few seconds the money will arrive to the specified account.

Internal currency exchange (USD<<<->>>EUR)

Worldcore provides currency exchange service that allows you to convert your USD balance into EUR balance and back at the lowest fees.

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