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In «Settings» section of any Worldcore account the client may configure account protection tools and create templates for all types of future payments to avoid filling out the forms overtime you would like to send payment to your recipients.

Account 3D guard

Any client must use one of two options to protect his account - SMS-authorization or e-mail one-time PIN authorization that is valid for 20 minutes. Any of these security tools will require you to enter one of these codes each time you initiate outgoing payment from your Worldcore account to any of supported directions.

The client may change the password or phone number of in account profile. Secret word is required to confirm the changes. Secret word is not changeable through account interface and it requires to contact with Customer Care Service for such changes.

Video guide: how to protect account using VoiceKey biometrics authorization?


What is VoiceKey voice biometrics authentication?

VoiceKey lets you:

  • Be sure that your account is protected on top level with guaranteed impossibility of unauthorized access;
  • Access your account much faster without typing password and save your time;
  • Confirm transactions with voice by just saying your passphrase. Phone or e-mail in theory can be intercepted or stolen but even recorded voice won't let attackers steal funds from your account because VoiceKey biometrics engine won't accept it.

How to enable voice biometrics authentication for Worldcore account?

It takes just 5-7 minutes to enable VoiceKey and completely protect Worldcore account from unauthorized access.

After 3 successful attempts your voiceprints will be saved and you will be able to access your account with VoiceKey.

You may always listen to your voiceprints and overwrite them if necessary.


Templates for money transfer

For ease of service all clients can create templates for any types of payments.

Just create a template and there will be no need to fill out the forms each time you need to initiate payment to your regular recipients.

Please note that you may save data of each transfer each time you will initiate any payment from your Worldcore account by clicking «Save as template» button.

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