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Video guide: how to load Worldcore account via bank wire transfer?

Right after creating your account, your USD or EUR accounts have zero balances. You have several ways to load your account.

Indicate which account (USD or EUR) you would like to load with funds, then select the appropriate option, and the system will instantly provide you with wiring instructions for SEPA or SWIFT wire transfer(s) to load your account.

If you are sending funds online through Online Banking, just copy bank details in the browser window and paste them into the appropriate fields of transfer form in your Online Banking.

There is an option to print out wiring instructions if you wish to make transfer at the bank office. Just click «Print» button and then provide a printed page with instructions to your bank officer.

If the bank transfer is done by your friends, employer or client of your business, then give them a link to your individual page with details. If you loaded your account with wire transfer, money will be available on your Worldcore account within 1-3 business days.

It is important to know that the Payment reference/Payment details field has to be filled exactly as it appears on the page with wiring instructions. The information indicated in the details of payment contains your Worldcore account number and allows us to easily identify the recipient of your incoming payments that hit our bank accounts.

Worldcore customer's account is credited
with received amount immediately
upon receipt of bank payment.

Load your Worldcore account with any of supported e-currencies

In addition to SEPA and SWIFT transfer you can load your Worldcore account with any of e-currencies supported by Worldcore money wiring service, that won’t be a problem !Full list of supported electronic currencies is available in "Load account" section of Worldcore account area.

First you need to select the one of two internal account (USD and EUR) that you would like to load, then indicate the amount and carefully check the form before submitting. If everything is correct Worldcore system immediately forward you to payment gateway where you will be able to complete the funding payment.

Internal money transfer from another Worldcore account holder

Any Worldcore account holder may send and receive internal payments to/from other Worldcore accounts. All payments between Worldcore clients are instant and free of charge.

To receive funds by internal money transfer just give the sender seven-digit account number which you can copy in any page of your account at the top right where you see the blocks with accounts.

online payment gateway comparison

How to load your Worldcore account with Visa/Mastercard payment card:

All Worldcore clients have an option to load an account with any Visa/Mastercard payment card.

Required steps to load your account credit and debit card:

How to replenish Worldcore account and keep cryptocurrencies in account?

You have not only the opportunity to replenish your Worldcore account with the cryptocurrencies but also to keep your balance in the cryptocurrency you used to load your account, without the necessity to convert it into fiat. Of course, you can recharge your balance, using the conversion, though this method makes you dependent on the exchange rate. Using your own cryptocurrency purses inside Worldcore account ensures that you can forget about the exchange rates and use freely the cryptocurrencies without having a balance in blockchain.

At the moment, the following cryptocurrencies are available: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Required steps to load your  crypto currency account:

Video guide: how to load account with Visa or Mastercard?

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