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Video guide: how to open an account in Worldcore?

To become a client of Worldcore international money transfer services and start sending/receiving payments, simply create an account by filling out a total of 4 fields:

Once your account is set up, you get into your personal space in Worldcore.

You will be automatically provided with USD and EUR accounts through which you may initiate and accept different types of payments - accepting and sending bank payments, loading of any Visa/Mastercard, currency exchange, internal transfer in the system, etc.

Each USD or EUR account has the account number. Accounts can be added, but cannot be removed.

money transfer services
international money transfer services

Templates for money transfer

Immediately after you have logged in, specify the name of your account, it can be a nickname, an abbreviation, a company's brand or just your favorite word.

Why do I need the account name?

  • The account name is displayed to any sender of funds that makes internal transfer to your account number;
  • The account name is displayed to Worldcore manager while processing your payments;
  • Account name helps to identify incoming payments.

Here the system will ask you to verify your account, you have to verify your identity and address by completing a form and providing us scanned copies of your documents.

Account verification

To send and receive wire transfers through the SWIFT system it is required to pass the verification of your account. For both personal and corporate accounts verification process is quick and easy, the only difference is the number of required documentation to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Video guide: how to verify Worldcore account?

Personal account verification

Step 1: specify your personal details.

Step 2: select a document confirming your identity which you need to upload for review.
Next, enter all data from the document in the next field and upload an image file of the document. Make sure that the picture quality is high because the document must be clearly scanned.

Step 3: Indicate your residential address and upload an address proof - utility bill, bank statement, phone bill or some other document confirming your address.

payouts to visa

money transfer services

Corporate account verification

Step 1: specify personal data of company’s directors, shareholders and beneficial owner.

Step 2: select documents certifying the identity of company’s beneficial owner.

Next, enter all data from the document in the fields of the form and upload files. Make sure that the picture quality is high because the document must be clearly scanned.

Step 3: Enter residential address of company’s beneficial owner and upload utility bill, bank statement, phone bill or any other document confirming the address.

Step 4: provide information about the company, nature of business, transactions volume, website, and upload basic corporate documents of the company.

Verification request is Immediately sent for approval right after you submit it. There is also an option to save the partially completed forms and complete filling in the future. If you decide to change your account data in the future, your account status will be changed back to "unverified".

Using unverified account

The most valuable payment options are available only for Verified account but Worldcore serves unverified accounts as well. The following payments options are available for all unverified account holders:

Unverified account is a useful financial tool for e-commerce that only doesn’t give the access to bank payments and payouts to Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay.

international money transfer services
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