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Can I change e-mail or phone number myself?
Yes, you may. When you change e-mail or phone number you need to enter the code sent to the previous address or phone number.
How does the system of sending one-time PIN to e-mail work?
At the stage when the outgoing payment needs to be confirmed, PIN is sent to your e-mail, which is active for a short period. Enter the PIN received and successfully complete the operation.
How does the SMS authorization system work?
To complete any outgoing payment you are required to confirm that it was upon your request. At the confirmation stage an SMS-code is sent to your phone to be entered for money transfer confirmation.
Can I delete the USD or EUR account from the system?
What is template?
These are stored data files for money transfers from your account. Use of templates is convenient, when you regularly send payments to the same recipient.
What are Historical templates?
Worldcore system stores in memory every transfer from the account, making it a template. List of such operations is called "Historical templates". Name of a historical template is a date it was made. Such a template can be renamed for better identification. In case the historical template is renamed it is stored in My templates.
What are My templates?
This is a list of templates you create.
How can I turn the financial operation I made frequently in past into My template?
Just rename it in the Historical templates list.
How should I pronounce the phrases to make successful voiceprints?
Speak loudly, clearly pronounce the words, use the same intonation and always try to be closer to the microphone.
What happens if I get sick?
Your voice still remains the key for all transactions, the sickness does not affect the quality of recognition. In any case, you may always use e-mail and password to access your account.
What to do if the system doesn't accept my voice while recording?
Try to speak louder, to be closer to the microphone and make sure you are making voiceprints in a quiet room. Do not change the tone and try to pronounce the phrase with ease. Make many attempts, until the system will not store your biometrics data. Please do not forget that you only have 5 seconds to record a voiceprint.
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