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Biometrics engine provided by BioID
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All-in-one innovative global payment service provider
The world's first EU-regulated payment
institution with Voice Biometrics authentication
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With Worldcore payment service you can

Send and receive bank wire transfer
Order Worldcore Ultimate Prepaid Card for money withdrawal
Make payments to any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay worldwide
Send mass payments to bank accounts and credit/debit cards
Make money transfer to anyone without any fee
bank account alternative
Apply for e-commerce merchant processing
Launch your E-Commerce merchant processing

Accept payments on your website with Worldcore all-in-one payment provider. Enjoy quick and easy integration with instant settlement.

Withdraw your balance via bank wire transfer or to personal debit card.

I need merchant processing

Worldcore extended API is available!

  • Make automated single and batch payments;
  • Check your accounts balances and history;
  • Easy setup for developers;
  • Totally automated payouts for your business;
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Worldcore Ultimate card

  • Available in EUR, USD and GBP currencies;
  • 5 days courier delivery;
  • ATM withdrawal limit of 4,000 EUR per day.
  • Worldcore Ultimate Prepaid Card is only available to existing Worldcore customers and is not available in all countries. Please register or login to your Worldcore account to determine eligibility for the card.

Your voice is a key!

  • It so easy like 1-2-3:
  • After sign in go to Settings section;
  • Make voice prints for SIGN IN and PAYMENTS operations;
  • You need just to say phrase to access your account or to confirm payment.
instant wire transfer online
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Fill in the form and be ready to verify your account. Same day approval guaranteed!

Once verification is completed, you will get full access to online wire transfer service, debit cards, mass payments, B2B payments and money transfers to any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay.

online wire transfer
Make internal payments without commission

If your have money in your Worldcore account, then you don’t need to worry about fees for internal transfers. Make payments and offer your friends, clients or business partners to make the payment through Worldcore, it’s so easy and it’s not subject to any fees. There are very attractive conditions for all other money sending services offered by Worldcore as well. Read more in Fees.

b2b payments online wire transfer service
How to fund your Worldcore account?

Any Worldcore account can be funded through bank wire or variety of electronic currencies supported by Worldcore. Once you pass the quick and easy verification process, you will be able to start receiving bank wires from your business partners, clients of your business, employer, affiliate program or any other 3rd party directly to your Worldcore account. Read more about account funding options.

send wire transfer wire transfer service
Withdraw or make payments to anyone

Worldcore provides its clients with an access to wide range of international financial services. Send bank wires to your business partners, affiliates, employees or any other third party, make payouts to any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay in the world, withdraw Worldcore balance to your Worldcore prepaid debit card or to one of supported e-currencies. Read more about withdrawal methods in the section Outgoing payments.

Worldcore prepaid debit card

Feel freedom of moving your funds with Worldcore prepaid debit cards. Thousands of ATMs across the globe will allow you to easily convert your funds from Worldcore account balance into cash.

The card is delivered by regular mail or DHL. The number of cards for one account is not limited.